fear caused a clump in my throat 

i swallowed - allowing fear to consume 

i felt bloated 

afraid they would see

this load that i carry 

pregnant with fear 

i became inactive 

unmoved like an introvert’s doorknob 

i’ve fallen prey - like a pigeon to a hawk

sit with me just to stare 

don’t tell me your worries 

and I won’t speak of mine 

i seep into this beginning 

preparing to pour 

a warm cup 

of discomfort

you created a safe space 

with your gentleness 

you have given me reason to stay 

you haven’t judged me 

you offered me opened arms 

but i am untrusting 

my doubts will only get in the way 

My words without compass 

Mingling in rooms with loud music 

How can you hear me when I cannot hear myself?