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Available on all streaming platforms!

available on all streaming platforms!

Substance ft- vOCALIST lIL fLOWER nASTI

sTAY tuned

It's a magical connection when combining powerful vocals with Imerald's lyrics. If you have not peeped the previous collaboration Shadows, see visuals section.

ENIGMA Out now!

Born Jenay Imerald Brown, Imerald Brown is a multifaceted and complex artist from Berkeley/Oakland, CA. Her lyricism is a reflection of past life experiences and current themes of societal struggle. Imerald Brown started off writing poetry, then melodic songs. Eventually, Imerald Brown created raps. Imerald Brown doesn't settle for one outlet of creating. Imerald Brown has written books, skits, monologues and has traveled to follow her dreams embarking on a journey through Los Angeles. That journey sparked inspiration for material in her book, Chronicles of the Weeping Addicts: A Manual For Creative Souls. 

Imerald Brown has performed at various venues like San Francisco's historic The Fillmore, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, Sweet's Ballroom, La Pena Cultural Center, New Parkway Theater, Starline Social Club, Qulture Collective, Eastside Arts Alliance, Red Victorian, CSU Stanislaus, UC Davis, Berkeley's Juneteenth Festival,  San Francisco Pride, and various venues. 

Imerald Brown was influenced by artists such as Eminem, Lauryn Hill, M.I.A., Nas, Tupac, and E-40. 

Imerald Brown released Mental Mayhem and Collision Imprint in 2016, followed by Brainstorm in 2017.  Imerald also released numerous mixtapes digitally over time. Imerald's latest project  ENIGMA includes a 15 track album produced by Seattle producer Cole Holland. Imerald is also working on a compilation of songs geared to RnB and Pop artists to showcase her versatile writing ability. Imerald has also teamed up with recent collaborator Awkwa Man Beats to work on a series of singles. In addition to solo musical projects, Imerald is working towards the completion of her latest book and has joined Bay Area Hip Hop group Limousine 10. Limousine 10's debut album is due for release in summer 2020.

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